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Welcome to the 100th anniversary
of Aeroklubben in Gothenburg

Join us at the Fly-in June 8-10 2018! No landing fee!



100-year anniversary

The second oldest club in Europe. Join our celebrations by coming to the fly-in. Highlights include exhibitions, and state-of-the art aviation seminars featuring environmental advances. All running alongside Aeroseum's annual Kids' Flying Weekend and the Helimeet. Enjoy the fun - in the air and on the ground!


Seminars and exhibitions

Aeroklubben is a hundred years old! That's almost as old as flying history itself. But what's going to happen in the future? Aeroklubben is taking a step into the next century. With electric aricraft, fossil-free fuels and other innovative ideas!


Unique Aeroseum

A real old underground hangar. From the cold war era. Now you have the opportunity to see an abundance of vintage aircraft and helicopters in an authentic military atom-bomb secure facility....

Our sponsors

This event couldn't be possible without the following sponsors:


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Email: flyin@aeroklubben.se                     
Phone: +46 31 92 6100