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Meet a flying club, 100 years old

It's all about the future!

Time for fossile free fuel, electrical aircraft?

The beginning, in 1918

The club didn't have any aircraft. The members met at Grand Hotel, to drink Cognac, smoke cigarr and to talk about aviation.
The club was asked by the City to find a location for an airport. Torslanda (ESGB) was founded on the island of Hisingen. The club moved to Save (ESGP) when Torslanda closed in favor of Landvetter (ESGG) in 1977.                        


Aeroklubben took part in the creation of what would become FFK (The Civil Air Patrol of Sweden).
The number of members and aircraft have varied a lot over the years. At the moment, we have about 110 flying members and 4 aircraft. 3 Piper Cherokees and one Cessna 172.  

The future

What's already happened is one thing, but the club's most pressing issue is the future: What will we fly, who are our members and how do we interact with the society and the environment?
The 100 year anniversary is mostly about what will happen in the next 100 years! 


Pipistrel Alpha Electric is one of the commercially available electric aircraft. Watch it at the fly-in!

Our sponsors

This event couldn't be possible without the following sponsors:


Save Flygplatsvag 32 
423 73 Save


Email: flyin@aeroklubben.se                     
Phone: +46 31 92 6100